The IRW Rovaran is a global community and players are expected to follow proper channels and protocols.

These are the basic rules - you are expected to read and abide by the Rules and posting format available in our database before or shortly after joining. Members are also going to the rules of Pegasus Fleet Rules as well.


• You must not publicly admonish or reprimand any other player out of character (Any OOC problems should be addressed to the Command team).

• Respect goes a long way onboard the Rovaran, not just for the Chain of Command but for every player. Remember the Golden Rule; treat others in your posts the way you want to be treated in theirs - with respect.

• Nobody under the age of 18 will be allowed to join the Rovaran.

• Be flexible when you're SIMing, as anything can happen, and have fun. Being creative and realistic is the key, as creative posts can give more life to your character.

• Pay attention to detail. Keep up with what others write in their posts- as it might be affecting your character!

• For every action there is a reaction. If you put your head in a plasma conduit, chances are you'rll be killed. Be consistent, that way others will know what to expect of you.

• Stay involved, your player might not always be the center of attention but that doesn't mean your character can't do anything. It is a big starship, so communicate; talk out of character (OOC) with other crew members in emails and private messages. It builds cohesion and can add to the creativity of the Ragnarök.

• If there is a disagreement between two crew members, the CO/XO will act as mediator and will have the final say in the matter. If a crew member has an issue or needs clarification, politely PM the Commanding Officer/Command Team.

• The CO can change the mission's ending at any time, It is the COs sole right to start or end a mission. You should not interfere substantially with the story line such as finishing the mission early. Please speak to your CO/XO if you wish to substantially change the plot.

• Rules and guidelines are susceptible to change if it is in the best interest of the simulation.

• Characters must be original and have a full biography created by their players. They must not copy canon Star Trek characters. Develop your character. Make sure you use traits about your character in your posts. Don't write a BIO and then play your character completely different. It is for the Command Team to determine the final acceptability of any character information.