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There Are No Safe Secrets!

Posted on Sun Feb 5th, 2017 @ 11:00pm by erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht

Jolan'tru players! Please join me in welcoming aboard our newest member, erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh, our Tal Diann Mistress! We are very pleased to have another player join us and one who has taken such a wonderful amount of time going over the sim, player profiles, and posts before even submitting their application. Even though as military intelligence the Tal Diann is on our side I have a feeling no secret will be safe aboard the Rovaran going forward ;)

Also in the same spirit of this celebration I am pleased to award the Recruitment Award to Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih for their assistance in recruiting Eilaea to our sim. Thank you so much Vriha. It's the wonderful word of mouth from our players that allow us to grow as a community! We are now just one player away from going active so make sure to tell your friends and sing the songs of the Rovaran from the rooftops, I can't wait to launch our first mission and get us underway. I have an amazing season in store for us!

erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht
Commander, IRW Rovaran


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