erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht

Name Korak tr'Seroht
Position Commander
Rank erie'Riov
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Rihanha
Age 62
Date Of Birth 22nd day of the third month, 2331
Place Of Birth Dinalla

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 172 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Korak could easily be described as imposing in nature and appearance. His broad shoulders and sharp features portray a man of his caliber who should not be trifiled with but rather respected and even feared. Those who are able to call him friend however also know that there is a somewhat compassionate side to Korak, a man who's rough hands were shaped through his endless love for tinkering and a smile that escapes rarely but is genuine and sincere

Across his left shoulder is a tattoo that was applied during his time as a prisoner of the Breen Confederacy. He chooses to keep it as a reminder of his perseverance.


Father Riov Rekar tr'Seroht (KIA)
Mother Katara t'Seroht (deceased)
Other Family Yhea - his pet Set'leth

Personality & Traits

General Overview A liberal follower of the Way of D'era, Korak believes he can best serve the Romulan Star Empire by analyzing, appropriating, and utilizing xenotechnology to strengthen the Galae and help his fellow Rihannsu rebuild. Korak also happens to be a supporter of the Romulan-Vulcan Reunification Movement although he keeps these views private. He is often best described as an intelligent and relentless individual.

The survivor of a Breen prison camp during the Dominion War, Karok hides some personal guilt that he did not follow through with the Final Honor at some point during his capture. He tries to silently remind himself that another death was the last thing his people needed and staying alive helped him to keep the other members of the Stormcrow alive in the prison too.
Strengths & Weaknesses Korak is an extremely intelligent and analytical individual capable of analyzing any situation and finding the best outcome. A seasoned leader, he understands how to earn the respect of those who serve with him and instill fear in those who cross him.

Korak however despises playing the political game. While he can do it he often would rather cut to the point and not dance around subjects or lurk in the shadows like the Tal'Shiar. As such, he is known for being rather blunt at times.
Ambitions Korak is very aware that as he grows older and as the only surviving member of his house it is his duty to find a suitable partner and produce offspring. It's not like he hasn't tried, he just hasn't found the one.

On a professional level Korak aspires to explore deep into the Beta Quadrant, outside of known Romulan space in uncharted areas.
Hobbies & Interests Korak enjoys practicing the martial art known as N'Delrek, spending time with his pet Set'leth, playing S'darha, and carving wooden sculptures. He has also been known to take the time to keep his marksmanship skills sharp by practicing with the Reman commandos.

Personal History Korak was born on the twenty second day of the third month to Rekar Seroht and his wife, Katara. His father was a well respected Rh'iov in the Romulan Galae, commanding the RIS Carellus. Being a quarter Watraii due to his Mother's family, Koval was bullied early on in his life which led his father to having him instructed in the art of N'Delerk.

When Korak reached the age of five, he was entered into the standard Romulan training Programs where he excelled in mathematics and mechanics. The training program lasted for fifteen years and at the end of his training, aided by his family’s reputation, Korak had become one of the most promising young engineering minds within the Empire.

At the age of twenty Korak had no shortage of options for the start of his career, from the Romulan Galae to various organizations both on planet and off planet as well. However when he was delivered the news that has Father had been killed in action by the Klingons in a border dispute the only son decided to honor his father by joining the Galae. Even if it wasn’t the ideal place that he would have wanted, there were still plenty of opportunities to be had in space.

After completing the Imperial War College Korak would spend the next three years serving aboard an older vessel as a general engineer in the Warbird Control department. His skills in repair and design however did not go unnoticed and in the year 2358 he was reassigned to a Romulan Starbase where he joined a weapons research project for the following two years.

At the conclusion of the project he spent the next ten years aboard the IRW Kevelk. His new position was Leader of Singularity Control and it was aboard the Kevelk that he became good friends with the Leader of Warbird Control and the ships Sub Commander. Both felt the officer had the makings of a leader and began to mentor him. When Tolar, the Warbird Control Leader died during an away mission in the year 2367 Korak assumed the position. He stayed n the position for nearly three more years, earning the respect if the crew and the ships Commnander both for his scrubs and skills on the ship and during away missions.

Just a few years before the Dominion War struck Korak was reassigned once more, this time to a D'deridex-class ship, the Stormcrow. Aboard the Stormcrow the now seasoned officer began to finally cross train and put his Engineering Physicist studies and leadership skills to the test as the Head of Warfare. During the ending days of the Dominion War the Stormcrow was caught in an engagement with the Breen and for four years the survivors, including Korak spent their time in a prison camp. In the year 2379 the Breen finally admitted to the camp and through political maneuvering the surviving Romulans were returned to Romulus.

Korak returned to Romulus for a year undergoing physical and mental rehabilitation and fighting off accusations that he failed to seize the opportunity for final honor. He also had to deal with the fact that his Mother had died from a heart attack while he was in captivity, leaving him as the sole surviving member of the Seroht House. After a year of dealing with doctors and being debriefed Korak was returned to duty aboard the IRW Opalius and once more named Head of Warfare.

In the year 2386 during a crisis on a joint colony with the Garidian Republic Korak once more demonstrated his leadership potential after the ships Sub Commander died during the away mission and Korak completed the negotiations that ended the crisis and gained the release of their Commander. His actions earned him a promotion to ere'Riov and named the new Sub Commander of the Opalius.

Over the next six years he would serve with distinction and his name began to carry weight amongst the higher echelons of the Galae. When a new waive of warbirds finished construction in the year 2392 Korak was offered his first command, the IRW Rovaran.
Service Record 2351: Enters the Imperial War Academy
2355: Graduates with a major in engineering physics and singularity theory

2355: Assigned to the IRW D'aen, general engineering officer with the rank of Erein.
2357: Promoted to Sub Lieutenant for service and dedication to the Empire
2358: Assigned to RSS Gallatis. Korak and a team of engineers and scientists work on new weapons designs for the fleet.
2359: Recieves commendation after the team he is apart of helps to improve plasma beam weapon technology.

2360 - Assigned to IRW Kevelk, Leader of Singularity Control
2363 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2367 - Promoted to Leader of Warbird Control

2370: Assigned to the IRW Stormcrow, Head Of Warfare
2373: Promoted to Centurion after his actions on Vendor II
2374: Awarded commendation following engagement with the Dominion
2375: Captured with the survivors of the Stormcrow by Dominion Forces and sent to Breen prison camp.
2379: Released from Breen camp and returned to Romulus with the last survivors of the Stormcrow

2380: Reinstated for duty to the IRW Opalius, Head of Warfare
2386: Helps to resolve crisis with the Garidian Republic during away mission after ships Sub Commander is killed.
2386: Promoted and named new Sub-commander of the Opalius.

2392: Named Commander of the IRW Rovaran

Characters Details (offical use only)

Security Clearance Alpha 2
Data Access Level Level 5
Authorization Code pangeare - ehrie - kre - the - rhi
Living Quarters Deck 1-B-01
Office Location Deck One, Commanders Ready Room