Enarrain Farra t'Echae

Name Farra t'Echae
Position Sub-Commander
Second Position Weapons Master/Mistress
Rank Enarrain
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Rihanha
Age 57
Date Of Birth 1/5/2335
Place Of Birth Rator III

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Farra is a fit Romulan, although she appears rather petite given her height. She has a muscular/toned frame when not wearing her Galae uniform. She keeps short hair as is typical for the RSE and only wears permitted-make-up on her lips to keep them even looking. She is attractive, although she tries to mask it with her lack of "fancy" appeal, make-up, and dress, so as not to stand out too much.


Father D'San tr'echae
Mother Loanat t'echae
Other Family None of note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Farra is a very loyal and honorable Rihanha, as is common of her kind. Not born on the planet of Romulus gained her many things, including an appreciation of non-capital worlds and the representation to the Imperial Senate, as well as a chance to live after the events of Hobus. She happened to be at home visiting her parents when the events of Hobus occurred. But with her father involved in Rator politics, she had a glimpse and a fascination with the senate and praetor since she was a child, something that would both help and cause concern for her as her career unfolded.
Strengths & Weaknesses Farra is an excellent shot with a disruptor and even manual ranged objects such as spears, daggers, and even stones. She has a keen eye for scouting as well and this was honed as a child. She was also a great leader growing up in various exploration groups and eventually in the Galae academy. Her loyalty always shined through.

Farra is not good in close-quarters in combat, has a way of ticking off all parties involved when faced with both the Galae and the Senate, and can be blunt at times, overstepping her bounds more often than would be preferred.
Ambitions Farra does strive to be a ship commander in the Galae some day. She wishes to possibly take a stab at the senate when she reaches an older age. She has a fixation on the interworkings of politics and the military and trying to find in-roads between them. Ultimately, she wishes to be true to d'era and the Romulan empire.
Hobbies & Interests She loves to compete in a variety of field sports, playing to her ranged feats. She is studying archaic bows and arrows from Romulan and Human histories. She has never been an alcohol drinker but she does love a good hot tea almost any time of the day.

Farra has never been interested in close relationships. She was never abused or hurt when she was growing up, although there was typical hazing in the Galae academy. But she just never found time in pursuing her own career and hobbies. She has no interest in making time for an affair of any kind.

Personal History From a young age, Farra was always a keen out-doors person. She loved playing outside and soon she would be able to scout and track fairly well. Technology was available on Rator III, but she honed her skills mostly in manual means of finding animals, people, and objects. Technology would only assist when needed, especially later when she started to train this for paramilitary and the Galae academy.

She was raised by her loving parents who helped nurture her natural skills and encouraged her to pursue both or either Senate and Galae. Given her father's role in local government, she had that training infused in her from early childhood.

Farra soon worked up through advanced education and into the Galae, focusing on tactical and security, as well as leadership development. She was even on a scouting and sniper team for a long while - typically handled by Reman Commandos, she was able to participate in many excursions and ground missions throughout the academy and her first several postings.

Her parents’ passing shortly after the Hobus incident did not phase her as much as one would have expected, or perhaps it became a deep-seated emotion that could be unleashed later in the future. Regardless, she was able to keep their estate on Rator III and continue her work in the Galae stronger than ever.
Service Record 2355-2363: Rator III Civilian Defense Force

2363-2368: Senate Aid on Romulus

2368-2374: Galae Academy, Tactical/Warfare Control, Special Commando Training, Commander Leadership Series, Romulus

2374-2379: Academy Assistant Professor in Warfare, Romulus

2379-2381: Diplomatic Attaché to Rator III

2381-2385: Warbird Control including Singularity and Cloaking aboard the IRW Laehval D'Deridex, promoted to erei'Arrain

2385-2390: Weapons Control and Master at Arms, Galae Starbase Ch'Morn, promoted to Arrain

2390-2392: Leader of Weapons Control for the IRW Sallas scout warbird

2392-Present: Assigned to the IRW Rovaran as the warbird's Subcommander, promoted to EnArrain?

Characters Details (offical use only)

Security Clearance Level 4
Data Access Level Alpha 2
Authorization Code valaere-fve-sei-lhi-rhaet
Living Quarters Deck 1-B-02
Office Location Deck Thireen, Warfare Heads Office