erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh

Name Eilaea i-Ra'tleihfi t'Keirianh
Position Tal Diann Master/Mistress
Rank erie'Arrain
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Rihanha
Age 52
Date Of Birth 9th day of the 5th month, 2340
Place Of Birth Ra'tleihfi

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145
Hair Color Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Of a typical lithe build and a height on the lower end of average, she has an intense energy to her that gives one the feeling that she might survive anything thrown at her through simply outlasting and exhausting it. Attractive and fit with dark hair and eyes, she wears her hair in a typical short cut and tends to line the outside of her eyes in a barely noticeable subtle, smoky shadow that intensifies the feeling that she is perhaps attempting to peer inside your head and your soul. Though not generally noticeable when in full uniform beyond a few marks on her hand, her left shoulder, chest/back/ribs, and arm are covered with burn scars received in action against the Dominion in a battle that nearly destroyed the ship she was serving on at the time.


Spouse Valak tr'Keirianh
Children Nevala t'Keirianh (age 3)
Father K'haeth tr'Keirianh (deceased as of 2387)
Mother Carina t'Keirianh (deceased as of 2387)
Brother(s) Jaron tr'Keirianh (age 42)
Sister(s) Lyie t'Keirianh (age 37)
Sienae t'Keirianh (deceased as of 2387 at age 43)
Other Family Several relatively distant cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Energetic and determined, she is curious and engaging and not at all shy....Unless it suits her purposes. By turns forceful and forthright or calculating and considering, she has an excellent memory and a witty sense of humor. A patriotic pragmatist, Eilaea believes that taking the best course for the success of the Empire and evaluating situations with this eye rather than allowing past or personal pride to blind one from it; she was among those who believed their non-aggression pact with the Dominion would in the long term be a mistake as it would someday leave them facing the same enemy on all sides. While this opinion did not make her popular at the time among some of her superiors, the tables were eventually turned when her assessment of the Dominion's long-term intentions was proven correct with their assassination of Senator Vrenak.
Strengths & Weaknesses The same sense of determination and energy that serves her well in many areas of her life is occasionally also counted amongst her greatest weaknesses; taken too far or applied at the wrong time or place it can easily turn into a stubborn streak which her parents were often exasperated by in her younger years. This has been tempered somewhat in her life and career since, but occasionally still shows itself.

Physically speaking, she is competent in both hand-to-hand combat and the use of a variety of weapons; this versatility lets her make use of whatever may be at hand; though it comes at the price of honestly being a true master of none. Her left arm and shoulder tend to be slightly weaker and less mobile than her right due to her old injuries from the war with the Dominion and occasionally cause her pain; she attempts to compensate for this by working out on a daily basis.
Ambitions Eilaea's original ambitions and desires were to rise to high rank in the Galae and perhaps someday try her hand at the diplomatic corps or other affairs of state--although her father would have preferred her as the eldest to take over his business, she had little interest in it and it soon became clear the role would one day fall to one of her sisters. The Hobus incident and its effects have somewhat altered this course, however; while she still aspires as many do to some variety of personal power and success, her foremost ambitions now are simply to ensure the survival and stability of the Empire and to protect and provide for her daughter, her surviving sister, and her brother in her new, abruptly acquired role as head of house; one which given her relative youth for such a role sometimes weighs on her.
Hobbies & Interests Those who get to know her well enough to know her true self will find that Eilaea's steadfast sense of duty is married with a vivacious thirst for life and enjoyment of the finer things in it; she is fond of good food and beverages--especially the alcoholic variety--although professional caution leads her to rarely indulge in them to the point of true intoxication. In her younger years she enjoyed traveling to take in various sights and attractions and was a regular at a spa and bathhouse near her home. She enjoys a variety of games and sports but isn't a particular devotee of any single one, and has an interest in gardening passed down from her mother; aboard ship she often cultivates small potted plants. She is in frequent communication with her husband and barring communications silence under cloak, receives weekly letters from him with photos of their daughter.

Personal History The eldest child of a merchant and a staffer for the Senate, Eilaea was born and raised in the capital, where her father owned a shop selling the finest wines and ales. As a child, she and her siblings would often assist in the shop; while her father hoped this would whet her interest in inheriting the business, it mostly served to fascinate her with the variety of people who would come to purchase their wares: she would make a game of it within her own head to see how much she could determine about a customer from their appearance, clothing, accent, and statements, and would often later ask her father about them over dinner to see whether her conclusions were accurate or not, a habit which led her mother to encourage her to pursue her current line of work. Her entry into such ended her father's lingering hopes she might become interested in the wine and ale business and he began instead grooming her younger sister Sienae for the role.

The first ten years of Eilaea's training and initial career following graduation were relatively sedate; in truth her training continued long after it's formal end as she observed and shadowed her mentors and superiors and learned the aspects of her trade one can only learn through actually performing them. Her first posting to a warbird was the IRW Devoras in 2366, and she was aboard the ship in 2367 during its encounter with the USS Enterprise and its retrieval of Subcommander Selok from her mission within the Federation. This comparatively quiet period came to an abrupt end in 2371, however, when a fleet backed by the Tal Shiar joined with the Cardassian Obsidian Order in attacking the Dominion without the backing of knowledge of the Senate or the Galae. Unsurprisingly, this led to a variety of internal conflicts and reorganizations of personnel within both the Tal Diann and the political sphere considering the failure to acquire any advance knowledge of the action; and likewise within the Tal Shiar itself considering the failure of the action.

Relatively young and junior at the time, Eilaea was relatively unaffected directly by this but did find herself reassigned to headquarters for several years to handle analysis of and reports on Dominion activity as one of the replacements for personnel previously assigned to the task. She was among those who warned that the Dominion's size, might, and typical strategic methods made it unwise for the Empire to maintain its non-aggression pact with them for long; believing that if they stayed out of the fighting until after the eventual defeat of the other major powers in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, they would find themselves surrounded by the same enemy on all sides and the Dominion's next target, with little chance of victory against them. This attitude did not endear her to some of her superiors at the time, who were well aware of the Senate's preference to maintain the arrangement indefinitely; but upon the death of Senator Vrenak and the Empire's entry into the war in 2374, made a name for her as one willing to put the good of the Empire above her own.

Suddenly thrust into a war for survival, she was reassigned once again back to shipboard duty shortly after the beginning of hostilities with the Dominion. Her time in the fight was not destined to last long, however; in 2375 the IRW V'rela was effectively destroyed in a battle with Dominion forces; Eilaea was among the few survivors to be rescued from the wreckage afterwards, but was wounded badly enough to be returned to ch'Rihan for medical treatment and did not return to active duty until 2376. It was during this time that she met Valak, the man who would become her husband, a medical officer serving at the hospital she was treated at. The two struck up a romance shortly before Eialea's return to active duty and eventually married in 2385.

The Hobus supernova in 2387 killed both of Eilaea's parents as well as her sister Sienae; her brother Jaron, an engineer, and her sister Lyie, a communications officer, survived as they were stationed on ships outside the main path of it, as did her husband. While Eilaea and Valak did not intend to have children so soon after their wedding, the death of most of their respective families in the Hobus incident caused them to reconsider; a year later in 2388 Valak resigned his commission in favor of beginning a planetside civilian medical practice and Eilaea was granted a leave of absence from shipboard duty and a planetside assignment in order to allow for the birth of their daughter, Nevala, in 2389, and the first few years of her life.
Service Record 2360-2366: Galae Academy and subsequent specialized training
2366-2371: IRW Devoras
2371-2374: Tal Diann Headquarters, Romulus
2374-2375: IRW V'rela (lost in combat with the Dominion in 2375)
2375-2376: Medical Leave, Romulus
2376-2382: IRW T'seren
2382-2388: IRW Tovarak
2388-2392: Tal Diann Headquarters
2392-Present: IRW Rovaran

Characters Details (offical use only)

Security Clearance Alpha 1
Data Access Level Level 3
Authorization Code Kaa`hhz-saiy-lli-rhi-lli
Living Quarters Deck 4-A-82
Office Location Deck Five, Tal Diann Mistress Office