The Sim

Greetings and welcome to the Imperial War Bird Rovaran! The Rovaran was created as a sim focused on exploring the Romulan Star Empire, the Rihannsu, and their way of life. We realize that there are many simmers who enjoy the Star Trek universe but more often than not they are forced into a traditional Federation based sim. We aim to provide a sim where anyone can come and enjoy themselves, sharing their love for the Romulan Star Empire and Star Trek in general in a unique, ever changing, and growing environment that offers more than the typical "sim experience". We strive to bring a living story that continues to evolve at all times, which means the mission held six months or a year ago could have consequences or influence the current mission the crew faces. It also means most importantly we encourage the growth and development of our players and their characters.

We provide stories focused on everything from military engagement, political intrigue, scientific discovery and more. Whether you are a seasoned role-player or just starting off we invite you to join us and share in our love for all things Rihannsu.

The Values of Trek

One of the core philosophies that we strive to bring to our sim despite its Rihannsu-centric theme is to promote the values and philosophies of Star Trek. From the voyages and explorations of the Enterprise, to Deep Space Nine, and Voyager there were constants regardless of the conflict or crisis those crews faced. Morals were tested and sometime a grey line was walked, viewpoints were challenged, and at times even consequences were felt immediately or rippled through time. Here those things are no different. Our players and their characters all are challenged and in turn grow from it. It is here that we strive to incorporate the values of Star Trek from growth, to discovery, and much more in every post and mission.

In Summary

Aboard the Rovaran everyone is family and no one person is more important than the next. We value each and every one of our players regardless of who they are or where they come from. Otherwise, we ourselves would not live up to the values of Star Trek that we cherish. Our adventures may just be beginning but they will echo in the halls of eternity.

We are the Rovaran, welcome.