A Call To Arms

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Status Current Mission
Description In orbit near Romulus at the Galae Shipyards the IRW Rovaran stands ready to take on her initial crew and embark into service for the Romulan Star Empire.
Mission Group Season One: Rise of the Rovaran
Start Date Mon Jan 16th, 2017 @ 1:15pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
...And Everything In Its Place
by erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh
MD02 2100 IRW Rovaran, Deck 4,-A-82
Sisters in Arms
by Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih & erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh
MD02 1800 IRW Rovaran, Gym
From The Shadows
by erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh & erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht
MD 02: 1000 Hours IRW Rovaran: Deck 5, Tal Diann Mistress' Office
Labs and Such
by Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih & Enarrain Farra t'Echae
Deck 13
Well Look Who It Is
by Enarrain Farra t'Echae & erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh
Decks 4 and 5
There's Always An Oversight Somewhere
by erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh
Docking Airlock to IRW Rovaran
To Seek Out New Comrades and Something to Eat
by Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih & Erein Rh'vaurek Deletham
MD01 - 1930 IRW Rovaran, Mess Hall
Checking All the Wings
by Erein Rh'vaurek Deletham & Enarrain Farra t'Echae
Deck 7, Main Shuttlebay
New Ship Smell
by Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih
MD01 - 1730 IRW Rovaran, Science Labs
A Not-Vulcan Science Officer
by erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht & Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih
MD 01 - 1700 IRW Rovaran: Deck 1, Commanders Ready Room
Old Memories, New Start
by Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih
MD 01 -1600 IRW Rovaran
A Thin Line
by Erein Rh'vaurek Deletham & erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht & Enarrain Farra t'Echae
MD 01 - 1400 Hours IRW Rovaran: Deck 1, Commanders Ready Room
The Chain Of Command
by erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht & Enarrain Farra t'Echae
MD 01 - 1100 hours IRW Rovaran: Deck 11
Transfers-A second chance
by Erein Rh'vaurek Deletham
The Road To The Unknown
by erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht
MD 01 - 1000 Hours RIS Jaridix/IRW Rovaran - Near Romulus
Papers Please... Oops!
by Enarrain Farra t'Echae
Galae Shipyards

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