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Labs and Such

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2017 @ 10:39am by Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih & Enarrain Farra t'Echae

Mission: A Call To Arms
Location: Deck 13


Farra had been roaming the halls that day, busy as ever. The busy-ness kept her focused though, and this new posting was a brilliant opportunity for her. Focus was required.

It was time for food and thus Deck 13 was where she was headed. Her head office for the Warfare operations were down there as well so that made some sense. She could easily eat up on Deck 2 but she preferred to eat with the masses. Command crew were not fully on board yet. She exited the turbolift and began her even, smooth stride down the corridor.

Vriha had just finished her meal, and after wishing farewell to Rh'vaurek, headed out the door. She had inspected the science labs, but there were other laboratories in medical and engineering. While they were not under her purview, it would be good to know what else was available and where there were areas of redundancy. As she moved down the hall, another woman appeared from a turbolift, walking with confident gait. Spotting her rank, Vriha immediately stepped aside and came to attention. "Enarrain," she said respectfully.

The subcommander nodded politely. "Erein Vriha, correct?" Farra knew she was one of the few on board at this time. "Ihlla'nh," she added, motioning with her hand in an open manner that Vriha could relax a bit.

"Khlinæ arhem," she said, letting the stiff stance fall to something more natural. "Yes, Erein Vriha, Senior Scientist, rekkhai. I was about to examine the laboratories out the science division."

Farra managed a wider grin. "Mind if I join you? I can check it off my list." She had to check a few things off here on Deck 13, but she had time to come back for that. This was more important, especially with the expert right on hand.

"I would be honored," Vriha replied, smiling to see the XO's grin. But then, it made sense, since she was the weapon's mistress. Weapons were a particularly specialized application of science. "I was going to inspect the medical and engineering facilities. Do you have a preference on where to start?"

"Down to engineering?" She grinned and motioned for Vriha to head back into the lift. "I always marvel at our Singularity Cores. They are one of our proudest discoveries, in my opinion." She chuckled. "From a scientific and warfare perspective, at least."

"Daie," Vriha replied entering the lift. She nodded at the Centurian's observation as doors closed. "Indeed. The application of quantum physics to harness a singularity was, if you will excuse the pun, rekkhai, a singular achievement." She flashed a brief smile. "Theoretically, the power available is infinite. However, the necessity of containing it safely severely limits what we can extract. Increasing that balance in our favor was one of my father's passions. Some of my proudest memories are of being judged advanced enough in understanding to be shown his calculations and asked for an opinion."

Farra nodded as the lift moved them quickly to deck 16. "But then that begs the question of why you are here. I've read your dossier, but I always ask that question of fellow Rihanha. Or anyone, really."

The question was unexpected, but did not feel like the sort she'd faced from the Tal Shiar. A good leader should understand those that served under them; it was a concept Vadi had illustrated a dozen ways, so she judged honesty - to a degree - to be the best response. "Then you know my father died in an accident trying to improve weapons yield during our struggle with the Dominion, and that my older sister entered the Galae at the same time and was later lost." She glanced down a moment. "There were many paths I could have chosen, but after that this seemed both the best way to both serve the Empire and ...continue my connection to them, if that makes any sense."

"D'era demands such virtues, my dear." Farr smiled, and doors to the engineering deck opened. "I admire especially your Imahhoi'edh [Devotion]," said the subcommander, moving off the lift. "As I said, a key virtue of our way."

Vriha ducked her head slightly at the compliment, but smiled. It was good to hear that the XO also seemed to hold the values of D'era dear. She had met far too many officers who only paid it lip service. "Thank you. I do try to follow the Way."

Farra's face turned a bit solemn as they needed to get to some more busy work. She was not ignoring Vriha, but merely turning her attention to why they were here. "Let's see how things are progressing here. According to the yard, everything should be installed and perhaps calibrated at this time?"

"Installed certainly," Vriha replied, feeling on more solid ground with the turn toward to business her mouth twisting slightly. "Based on some of the instruments in the science labs, calibrated may be overly optimistic."

Farra grinned and nodded, moving down the deck to the engineering offices. "That does not surprise me. That's why the riov wanted me to personally attend to all systems." She sighed, going over to a console and tapping at it. A window shield slid open to reveal a visual of the Singularity Core, at which Farra's grin grew to a wide smile. "A lot of work, but worth it."

"Indeed." Vriha's grin widened to match hers, or possibly exceed it. In addition to witnessing the raw power of the core itself, in her mind it was overlaid by the equations of quantum dynamic fields necessary to hold it all in balance. "It is a thing of beauty - pure power harnessed and held in balance to serve the ship. My father called it 'the perfect engineering expression of Rihannsu nature'."

Farra nodded, not directly responding, but hearing her words for sure. She turned as she tore her gaze away from the core and looked back down at the panel, punching in a few commands. "This actually checks out, although I would love for you to do a secondary calibration before we leave the docks. A new ship and a new core need a lot of testing, as I know you are aware."

"Daie, rekkhai. It will be my pleasure." Vriha tore her eyes away from the core, turning to the next necessary item to check. "The other system that will require parallel calibration is the cloak."

"Ssuaj," replied Farra. "Can you add that to your list?" That was an engineer's job, but she had faith in Vriha for some of the basics.

Vriha felt a flush of pride at the request, taking it as a sign of confidence. "Of course. I can link the read-out diagnostics through the science station so they can be examined in sync to more easily identify any anomalies."

"Ssuaj," the subcomander repeated, turning away from the console. "Now, as much as I'd love to look at this core all day, perhaps we can go up to the medical bays?"

"As you wish, rekkhai," Vriha replied, imagining that the weapons mistress had already inspected the weapons labs. With one last look at the core, she turned to head back to the lift.

The two of them managed their way up to the medical bays and began to check on things there. It was very state of the art and new, something one might expect from a brand new warbird. The Empire had come a long way since Hobus, especially given the tragedy and turmoil they faced during that time. They still faced such troubles, but at least they had a vibrant Galae these days to provide such an environment as this.

"Well, I shant be afraid to be injured on our warbird, Erein." Farra managed another grin.

"It is very well appointed," Vriha observed. The Empire had certainly taken the lessons of needing medical facilities capable of disaster relief to heart. Going to a control panel, she began checking read-outs. "For what I've seen, most medics prefer to adjust the sensitivity on their personal instruments, but the general diagnostic and processing equipment seems to be calibrated correctly."

"That is good." Farra meandered around, not as familiar with most of the equipment, although she did have field aid and survival training. After a larger pause, Farra finally came down from a more awe-inspired stance and tone, turning to look over at Vriha. "Now then, I'm sure we've accomplished enough report gathering. At least, I am confident in my findings and what I will receive from you. Is there anything else we should consider at this point?"

"I don't believe so, Enarrain," Vriha said after a quick second glance over the last diagnostics. "I had already checked that virology and medical forensics synced with their counter parts in the science labs."

Farra nodded, her assumptions confirmed. "I am glad, Vriha. I will thus leave you be and begin to compile my own report for the commander."



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