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Well Look Who It Is

Posted on Wed Feb 15th, 2017 @ 12:12pm by Enarrain Farra t'Echae & erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh

Mission: A Call To Arms
Location: Decks 4 and 5


Farra had gotten an urgent call. She was busy, checking everyone in and was hustling around the ship. Not only was she double-checking systems, she was answering calls and visiting new senior officers. It was a hectic few days, to say the least. "Our first visit better be to a nice quiet forest planet," she mumbled to herself as the lift opened up on deck 5.

The subcommander made her way to the Tal'Diann's office - evidently their senatorial liaison had made her way to the Rovaran and something was awry. She breathed in heavily and exhaled slowly, preparing to put on one of two hats, depending on who this would be. She didn't get far, however, before she nearly collided with a figure only slightly larger than herself, with the same standard military haircut and a nondescript grey duffel slung over one shoulder. Both women stopped just short of one another, then back up a step or so each; with the newcomer's eyes sweeping quickly over Farra, lingering just a moment longer on her rank insignia than anywhere else. Her head dipped forward respectfully, but overall on the whole she did not appear surprised in the slightest to see her aboard.

"Enarrain." the other woman's arm and hand came up against her chest in a salute, only slightly awkward due to the bag over her shoulder; and just a touch of the expression barely readable in her face and body language made it clear this was not just a obligatory gesture--there was personal respect behind it as well as professional duty; a gesture given gladly as much as one expected.

Farra matched the gaze and nodded a head bow. "Ihlla'nh," she said calmly, indicating the Rhihanha could relax. "Eilaea?" she asked rather bluntly. Her head was cocked a bit to one side and she had obviously forgone ranks and protocol, which was ok from a superior, but somewhat odd.

"Ie." Both women had aged slightly to the eye since they had first met in 2367 at debriefing sessions following the successful retrieval of erie'Riov Selok from the Lloann'na by the Devoras; but in truth 25 years was not so long a time, and the greatest changes were less in their physical appearance than in the ways they carried themselves; more confident, more "finished" and secure in themselves than they had been when Eilaea was a 27 year old barely a year out of training, and Farra a 35 year old Senate aide not yet within the Galae.

"I honestly did not believe it when I saw the name," she said in a bit of an exaggeration. "I am please to see you here on the Rovaran." The subcommander bowed her head ever-so-slightly and was genuinely glad to see Eilaea. As many knew, Farra walked the balance between the Galae and the Senate these days, and seeing someone who did much the same was refreshing. It just so happened they both had to lean a certain way, given their positions. But she was confident they would work well together.

"How have you been?" asked Farra. "Tell me where you're coming from." She knew Eilaea had other important matters like quarters assignment and such, but she was indeed interested in the goings on of her old (and now current) colleague.

"From headquarters." Eilaea replied, the corners of her mouth rising more than one might normally associate with reference to an assignment that would have put them into contact with even more than the usual level of political gymnastics, but the reason becoming more than clear with her next words. "Where my daughter was born three years ago."

"Daughter..." Farra nodded slowly. "Was she able to come with you on this assignment?" The subcommander did not catch that when reviewing the assignment details.

"Dhat, Enarrain..." Eilaea fought to keep an amused look off her face, considering the sorts of mischief and chaos Nevala would have unleashed upon the Rovaran within minutes of stepping aboard, given what she routinely had caused in their home. "My husband is with her."

Farra picked up on a level of comfort, or at least restraint, the Rihanha had for leaving her family behind for this tour on the Rovaran. "The Riov will ensure you make them proud, I'm sure."

The subcommander then reached into her belt and pulled out a small chip that could be fitted into most padds, handing it to Eilaea. "Here, just up on deck 4. Assignments are still coming in, but yours has been processed." She half-smiled noting that she finally got around to what she was called here for in the first place.

"Thank you. I am certain you have many other things to see to." Eilaea said, taking the offered data chip with a tiny dip of her head and shifting her bag slightly. "I will be pleased to served with you, Enarrain."

Farra bowed her head slightly, maintaining her mild smile. "Indeed. Good to see you, Eilaea. Bedah." And with that, the subcommander exited the Tal'Dian offices and went on her way. It would be a balance, but it was good to see a familiar face for sure.



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