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From The Shadows

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2017 @ 8:20pm by erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh & erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht

Mission: A Call To Arms
Location: IRW Rovaran: Deck 5, Tal Diann Mistress' Office
Timeline: MD 02: 1000 Hours


Korak traversed the corridors of his warbird, navigating the long halls of deck five in an effort to make his way towards the intelligence wing. He had been informed that one of his senior department leaders had arrived aboard the ship and since he had been not to far away doing inspections the Commander decided it was best to go and meet them. It wasn't that he didn't trust his own senior officer to report in but rather he had always kept both eyes open when it came to the intelligence community, even when it was the Galae's own division. Everyone seemed to have their own agendas and it never seemed to be a clear one or the best one at that from his experience. Coming up on the appropriate office the somewhat taller Rihan paused and then keyed in a command to the console next to the door activating a chime for the occupant inside.

The door did not open immediately, and he had begun to wonder if there was perhaps no one inside when it finally slid open, leaving him with the distinct impression that items had either been secured before his entry, or he himself had been assessed before the door had opened. The woman inside stood immediately at his entry and offered up a crisp salute. She was of an average build and a height straddling the line between average and petite, pretty but not stunningly gorgeous. Overall, if he had met her on the street, she would not have been one to be noticed for reasons positive or negative alike...Which did not surprise him in the slightest.

Korak eyed the shorter Rihanha female and inspected her before stepping away without a word, and inspecting office silently as the officer held her salute and the door closed behind them. Returning to the officer he stopped directly in front of her and looked her directly in the eyes. "At ease erie'Arrain. Narihu-difv hwi?"

"Eilaea t'Keirianh, rekkhai." Her chin dipped forward ever-so-slightly but she met his eyes without hesitation; respect and confidence simultaneously.

The Rihan Commander had in fact already knew the answer before he had even asked, as he had hand picked reach of his department heads himself despite how much pressure came from a senior Galae officer or a Senator. Korak knew there was value in knowing those who served under your command in positions of leadership rather than letting people being installed into those roles. Far too many Commanders had failed to do that and in one way or another they would eventually learn from it. But not Korak. He allowed the failures of others and the counsel of his former Commander to be his guide over here had been offered a command.

"At ease t'Keirianh. You will be pleased to know you are the first from the intelligence officers to arrive aboard the ship, though I expect you knew that already." With eye contact already broken the Commander walked over to the desk of Tal Diann Mistress and sat down on the opposite side of where she would. "Please, sit, erie'Arrain. Let me get to know the only intelligence figure aboard this ship I can hopefully trust." Korak said as he motioned for her to join him.

Eilaea took a seat once more, considering as she did so what her new commander might and might not have already reviewed of her personnel files or other available information. From what information she herself had studied, she would suspect at least a reasonable amount. Not to mention that she doubted any officer trusted with a ship such as this--perhaps now more than ever--would be the type to leave more unknown walking into a situation than they absolutely had to. "Ie, rekkhai...Where would you like to begin?"

"Your service record is well known to me so I will not bore you and make you review it like a Klingon hunting for honor." Korak responded with a smirk. Giving the appearance he was thinking it over for a moment when he already knew what he would ask here he offered a thoughtful look and then smiled. "I understand you know the ih'hwi'sæhne (first officer). I find it fascinating and would love to hear about that."

"From nearer the beginning of our careers, yes. We met during my first posting aboard a warbird actually; I served aboard the Devoras when we had the duty and pleasure of retrieving erie'Riov Selok from the Lloann'na." It had been an important victory in their long standoff with the Federation, one she was more than certain he would be well aware of. "Enarrain t'Echae was serving as an aide to the deihuit at the time; we both attended many of the subsequent debriefings."

"And then you ended up working directly at the Tal Diann headquarters directly on Romulus. Not once, but twice. You certainly drew the attention of your superiors, though I suspect you had more motive to be planet side again than most. Has your husband taken to your choice to serve space side again well?" Korak inquired. Internally he was thinking to himself about the unlikelihood that it was small coincidence that her file had been recommended to him, even though he ultimately chose her.

'Attracted the attention of her superiors', she thought with a touch of dark humor. That was certainly one way of putting it, yes. The failure to foresee the Tal Shiar's attack on the homeworld of the Founders had brought her first to her superior's attention merely as one of many young officers they had pulled to place there as replacements for those whose massive failure had brought *them* to a rather more unfortunate form of notice. As for the notice she had attracted herself thereafter during the assignment...Well. She could hardly have done otherwise, considering the stakes in play, and lived with herself afterward had things gone ill for them against the Dominion. Still, her older, wiser self now could perhaps admit that there were times then she should have been more politic with her phrasing and presentation, if nothing else, to avoid drawing some of the ire she had for her statements and views at the time.

"As well as could be expected considering the circumstances." Eilaea replied. The 'circumstances' indeed: Under normal ones, they might have felt secure enough to have waited longer for children; until both were in a position to stay planetside a bit longer. Or had they chosen not to--or whenever they had chosen to return to shipboard duty afterwards--there would have been options for the both of them. Extended family to help in raising Nevala during the times in which they were both absent; or to support the one of them who stayed behind. And less urgency in feeling the need for either of them to return to duty so early in their daughter's life at all, for that matter. Now...Now there was no one. They had discussed the issue endlessly, it seemed, the last year; their duty to their daughter and to one another balancing with that to the Empire; and Eilaea had felt heavy on her shoulders the weight of her status as head of house that she had inherited when her parents died. "One of us had to stay behind. There were better options available, for him." It was a bland, simple statement she made, compared to all that lay behind it. But probably easily read in spite of that for what it was, considering the unfortunately rather common nature now of the concerns which she balanced.

Furrowing his brows at the response the Commander did not hide his apparent frustration in her bland and less than enthusiastic response. He understood that Eilaea was making sacrifices of her own but this was not the Federations Lloannen'galae where families pranced around in space together. This was the Galae, the premier powerhouse in the Quadrant before the Supernova and it was well on its way to being feared as much once more. Korak planned to see to that given the chance himself which is why he need committed and enthusiastic officers. "All of Romulus recognizes and appreciates the sacrifice those like yourself are making t'Keirianh. D'era would demand it no other way. But I need officers who want to be here. Do you want to be here erie'Arrain?"

Eilaea cursed silently inside her head: If she had had any doubts before that she had been too long away from a warbird, far too long surrounded these last few years by wholly political desk-bound creatures who couched all their statements in vagueness to ensure it could be interpreted in several ways at once, here was undeniable proof: Apparently she was beginning to sound too similar to them--and think too similarly perhaps as well--herself, letting her husband's frustration at being left behind get too far inside her own head like her superiors at headquarters would have adjusted their ways and considerations for a particularly touchy senator, and falling perhaps into a typical desk analyst's trap as well, in comparing herself endlessly against those who had come before her and mulling over decisions long since made. She found it disconcerting and disturbing to say the least to see the habits of such creatures reflected in her own image from the frustration in the Commander's eyes, and as such committed the moment to memory as a lesson and a reminder. "Ie, rekkhai." she replied emphatically.

"Very good then. I appreciate your sacrifices and I am grateful to have you aboard Eilaea. I did not bode you on a whim for this role, know that. I expect you to bed my eyes and ears in intelligence, I do not need the Tal Shiar or Tal Praeix representatives always being a step ahead off us, is that understood?" Korak replied, his expectations now laid out plainly.

"Absolutely, erie'Riov." she said, and there at last was the enthusiasm and steel in her voice; not only the satisfaction in performing her duty, but also the relishing of a challenge and its conquering.

"Very good. What questions or needs do you have from me before I retire for the evening Eilaea?" Korak responded, finally pleased to see the enthusiasm bubbling to the surface from his officer.

"None for now, rekkhai." said Eilaea. For all her time was limited by what sometimes seemed to be endless stacks of reports and data, a commander's time was more limited still; it had been her observation over the years that those who wasted that time were inevitably and understandably resented for it. "I've secured the equipment I brought aboard and will see to any personnel in my section as they come aboard." Not stated of course but nearly going without saying was that she was certain to also see to it to introduce herself to various others aboard as well--most especially any representatives of the Tal Shiar who came aboard....Or anyone else she thought they might take interest in.

Standing up, the Commander offered a nod of acknowledgment to his officer and then a small smile. Now was the time to excuse himself. "Very well erie'Arrain. I leave the intelligence reports in your hand and I will forward you some interesting material from the Southern Borders later today. I expect a full report on your department shortly. Bedah."


erie'Riov Korak tr'Seroht
Commander, IRW Rovaran

erie'Arrain Eilaea t'Keirianh
Tal Diann Mistress, IRW Rovaran


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